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Why we fight.

Hi ,

It’s Clayton with the St. Charles County Democrats. Quite often I am asked, what are our chances in November? Or, why are putting so much effort in St. Charles County, aren’t we a red county? Or, where are all the Democratic yard signs?

Quite simply, St. Charles County is a community of fighters, willing to fight for a better future. Our county is going to flip blue in November, because we are sick and tired of the gridlock of authoritarian aristocrats in Jefferson City who don’t care for us Missourians. But, before I ask that you join us, I also want to take a second and acknowledge that there is no such thing as a pointless campaign.

There is no hopeless race or an effort not worth the energy—not with something as important as our future as a state. The point of fighting so hard in St. Charles County is more than because we can win, it is also because our fight here makes everyone else’s fight easier.

By standing up in St. Charles County and contesting seats from Wentzville to St. Charles, from County Council to State Senate, we force the Republicans to fracture their resources and fight against our grassroots movement on multiple fronts. By running good candidates, with good campaigns and tremendous volunteers, we make every other Democrat’s fight in this state easier.

We can’t always run because we think we will win. We can’t always run because the math looks favorable. We can’t always run because it will be easy. We run, we work, and we fight because we can build a better future for everyone by forcing those who would strip away our rights to fight battles across the state, instead of banding together.

We need to let as many people know as possible that there are Democrats in St. Charles County, that the fight is not hopeless or pointless, and that we fight together. So please, will you join us?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Clayton Herbst

Executive Director, St. Charles County Democrats


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