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Our County, Our Platform

A Snapshot of St. Charles County:


Home to the 402,022 citizens, St. Charles County incorporates the following cities, townships, and villages:

  • Augusta

  • Cottleville

  • Dardenne Prairie

  • Flint Hill

  • Foristell

  • Lake St. Louis

  • New Melle

  • O'Fallon

  • Portage Des Sioux

  • St. Charles 

  • St. Paul

  • St. Peters

  • Josephville

  • Weldon Spring Heights

  • Defiance

Students in the County attend one of Fort Zumwalt, Francis Howell, Orchard Farm, St. Charles or Wentzville school districts, and many grow up and choose to remain in the area.

St. Charles County is home to people of every background, race, class and faith community. Many of these citizens have a satisfactory quality of life, but many still remain under-served by the state.

It’s our goal to represent all Missourians living in this district by treating every voice with the same respect and the same belonging to St. Charles County.

As St. Charles County Democrats, we value... 


We support the freedom that comes with economic equality. We fight to ensure a fair day’s work results in a fair day’s pay. We fight to have affordable, universal health care not tied to anyone’s job. We fight to ensure our government lives up to the promise of everyone being born equal and that Civil Rights are upheld for everyone in our communities and country.


We seek to make sure truth still matters, even when it’s uncomfortable. We believe in expertise and trust scientists. We support a free press as they shed light on our government. We value education, the knowledge and critical thinking that it brings and work to ensure it is accessible and affordable for all.


Above all, we believe in democracy. We support every citizen’s right to vote, without undue burden. We support free and fair elections, without foreign interference. We fight for the rule of law to apply equally to all of us, especially those who hold significant power.

We fight for these values because these are American values. They are what have led to our country being the greatest nation in the history of the world. Democrats fighting to protect these values from those who have sought to undermine them is what will ensure the future prosperity for all of us.

Read the state party platform here
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