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Ted House Scholarship

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The St. Charles County Democrats are proud to offer a $500 college scholarship to a deserving student enrolled in a qualifying college, university, or trade school.  This scholarship is a tribute to former State Senator and Circuit Judge the Honorable Ted House, who at the expiration of his judicial term was the longest serving elected official in St. Charles County. Applications are due by May 5, 2023. 

The Ted House Scholarship was created in 2022 to honor the legacy and advocacy of the Honorable Ted House of St. Charles County. As a former State Senator and Circuit Judge, the Honorable Ted House was the longest serving elected official in St. Charles County, at the expiration of his judicial term.

Ted House is a life-long Democrat who believes in the power of higher education, be it private or public university, community college, or trade school. Together, the Honorable Ted House and the St. Charles County Democrats want to support the educational aspirations of deserving students in our county. 


See the video above to learn more about Ted House, and the Ted House Scholarship. 

Past Recipients:

2022 - Mya Walker

Read Mya Walker's winning Essay on the topic: Why are equal voting rights meaningful?


"According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, democracy is defined as government by the people. The United States has a representative democracy, in which citizens vote for people to represent them in government. Equal voting rights are crucial to having a country in which everyone feels seen and heard. It ensures that candidates that truly represent the wants and needs of their constituents will be elected. It is important that we continue to fight for ballot accessibility to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to vote in the way that works best for them. Voting in any secure, legitimate way, such as absentee or by-mail should be acceptable and encouraged if someone is unable to make it to a polling location on election day. Without easy access to the ballot, we allow people’s valuable opinions and views to go unheard and therefore unrepresented. As a country that prides itself on its democracy, we must do better.

It is also very important that marginalized and traditionally underrepresented groups are able to get out to vote, as their voices have been silenced by the majority and unheard for so long. Voting allows their voices to be heard and it can have a significant impact on the outcome of elections. Our community and society is made stronger when we come together to ask for what we want and need. We deserve to have people in government who adequately represent and fight for all people. Without equal voting rights, marginalized and underrepresented groups will continue to be silenced with their wants and needs swept under the rug. It is unfair. We must encourage people from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate in the democratic process because their votes help make our country the best place it can be."

Past Recipients
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