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The right to organize and have a voice in the workplace is key to the success of our county. Everyone has the right to collectively bargain, without it, America wouldn't have 5-day (40 hour) work weeks, unemployment benefits, ended child labor, 8-hour work day, family and medical leave, workplace protections, and so much more!

In order to ensure that all people continue to have the right to unionize, and to protect the process of unionization, we must support and defend:

No Captive Meetings - Captive meetings are a management-owned trick to force potential unionizing employees and union effort leaders to attend anti-union meetings. These meetings are full of deceitful 'information' designed to trick laborers out of unionizing. We must stop all unfair practices and allow workers to determine their own union vote.

Fair Elections - All potential unions have the right to a free and un-tampered election. Wrongful acts such as adding new employees right before the election, attempting to stall the election date, and more must not be allowed. Our elections must be free and fair, including the vote to unionize.

No Right to Work - Right to Work is wrong for Missouri, and everywhere else. These laws claim to prevent workers from being forced to join a union, but Federal Law already does that. Right to Work laws actually make it more difficult for working people to form unions and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

We can support the unionization process together:

  • We can oppose any bills restricting the right to unionize, or to make it harder

  • We can elect officials who support unions and want to strengthen them

  • We can pass legislation banning captive meetings

  • We can ensure all votes are fair and free

  • We can get involved to make a difference

We have to work together. Join us by volunteering, donating, or check out our events today.


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