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Spotlight: Don Crozier

Today we highlight an amazing advocate in Missouri—someone we are lucky to have in the St. Charles County. Don Crozier is a committee member of the St. Charles County Democratic Central Committee, as well as multiple other organizations. Read more about Don below, we are proud to be able to spotlight him!

"I retired from Boeing in 2019 which allows me the time to work on voting rights and helping Democrats get elected. Originally, I'm from Spanish Lake in St Louis County, then I moved to Springfield for 8 years, then moved to O'Fallon in 1983. Like my father and like many defense industry workers, I tended to vote for the other party. When the Berlin Wall came down, I started re-thinking my priorities and I haven't looked back.

I started volunteering for Planned Parenthood and making calls for Democrats in the early aughts. Voting rights have been my passion for the last few years and I do a lot of work for the League of Women Voters and the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition. Voting is a fundamental right for everyone living in a democracy. You should not have to jump through hoops, travel long distances, wait in long lines, or take the day off and possibly risk your job simply to cast a ballot. I'm proud to be a member of the only major political party that wants everyone to vote." - Don Crozier


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