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September 12th, 2021

“That day, and our memories of it, show American democracy at its best: ordinary Americans putting in the work, even at its dirtiest and most dangerous, to take care of each other. It is this America we commemorate today.”

– Heather Cox Richardson

Remembering September 11, 2001 and the subsequent lives lost afterwards...20 years later.


Public Education

is under attack in St. Charles County. Again.

A pro-privatization, anti-equity education group of parents called Missouri Prosper, has scheduled a “public education listening session” in St. Peters, MO on September 19. The speakers on this ultra-conservative panel are not representing pro-public education ideas. This is not the first such meeting in St. Charles County, and it is not likely to be the last.

This event is part of a nation-wide disinformation campaign by the Republican party, using a manufactured crisis surrounding Critical Race Theory, a graduate-level study of inequities in government systems, which is not part of the K-12 public school curriculum. The intent is to create distrust of public schools and educators, and to build support for restrictive education legislation. This campaign is part of a long game to restrict what our students are allowed to learn by privatizing education.

This meeting is open to the public. For supporters of public education, this is an opportunity for voices to be heard.

Sunday Sep 19 - St. Charles County public education listening session – 3-5 p.m.

Location: Arrowhead Business Supply, 4890 North Service Road, St. Peters

Hosted by Missouri Prosper


Click here for details: White House Covid Plan

“We now have a fully approved COVID-19 vaccine ... If you have been waiting for this approval before getting the vaccine, now is the time to get vaccinated and join the more than 173 million Americans who are already fully vaccinated,”

- CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Covid-19 Update: Booster Shots

The Center for Disease Control has begun the process of authorizing booster shots for those fully vaccinated with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, potentially to begin in September. This authorization is not currently addressing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

From the Joint Statement from HHS Public Health and Medical Experts on COVID-19 Booster Shots: “We have developed a plan to begin offering these booster shots this fall subject to FDA conducting an independent evaluation and determination of the safety and effectiveness of a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) issuing booster dose recommendations based on a thorough review of the evidence. We are prepared to offer booster shots for all Americans beginning the week of September 20 and starting 8 months after an individual’s second dose.”

For more information, and for the full statement, visit the Center for Disease Control website:

Some local medical facilities are already offering the booster to those who are immunocompromised.



Join the Democratic Legislative Network!

The Democratic Legislative Network is building a community of dedicated activists to support our ideals, our message and our candidates in Missouri. Fill out this form to help us put more Democrats into office! Sign up for our concise and actionable weekly newsletter here: DLN Newsletter Sign Up

What you can do for Missourians this week:

Call Gov. Parson (573) 751-3222 and tell him to pardon wrongfully convicted Missourians Kevin Strickland and Lamar Johnson. The story of these wrongfully convicted Missourians has made national news, as Governor Parson prioritized the pardon of the McCloskeys, the gun-toting couple who pleaded guilty to assault just recently. Meanwhile, Kevin Strickland has maintained his innocence for 43 years. We cannot stop advocating for Mr. Strickland and Mr. Johnson’s freedom.

Call Gov. Parson (573) 751-3222 and tell him that LGBT history is MO history, and to return the KC LGBT history display to the Capitol Museum. The Parson administration's removal of an exhibit on LGBT history from the Missouri Capitol Museum was disappointing. That the governor lied about his reasons for doing so is indefensible. The statutory procedure the governor says wasn't followed for approving exhibits does not exist. State law authorizes the Board of Public Buildings to allocate space to the museum but gives the board no power to determine the content of exhibits and there is no evidence the board has ever done so. The governor had no justification for removing this exhibit and no excuse for not restoring it.

Call Members of the Subcommittee on Health, Mental Health, and Social Services and tell them to support Vaccine Requirements for Nursing Home staff. Tuesday, September 14th at 4pm there will be a hearing regarding Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services development of an emergency regulation on staff vaccinations in Medicare and Medicaid participating nursing homes.

Join us, and invite others to join, as we gear up for voter registration drives this fall. With redistricting on the way there is a lot we don’t know about campaigning in 2022, but we do know that a concerted effort to register voters before the 2022 elections is a benefit to our candidates. If you would like to be a voter registration organizer or volunteer, Click Here.

Join us at our Veto Session Fundraiser on Tues, Sep 14, 2021 at 6 - 9 p.m. CDT at the Millbottom in Jefferson City. More info HERE



Stay up-to-date on what is happening with the Democratic Party in St. Charles County by liking the Face Book Page: and the St. Charles Co Progressive Democrats Club:

Ever thought about running for office?

Know someone who might be interested in being a candidate?

The St. Charles Dems are ready to help!

Call St. Charles Co Democratic Central Committee

Candidate advisory committee at 636-345-0256


From the Candidates

We have invited Democratic Candidates (or, at the county level, “friendly” candidates) affecting St. Charles County to share some of their thoughts here. Each week we will try to include submissions from candidates at the county, state and federal level. Order of publication is based on order of receipt of the submission. Disclaimer: This is for the benefit of voter engagement, and does not represent an endorsement of any candidate by the St. Charles Co Democratic Central Committee.

From Jessica DeVoto, Candidate for MO House District 104 (pending redistricting)

"I have always been passionate about transportation and infrastructure. Missouri’s infrastructure is crumbling. Roads and bridges are going unrepaired. Good infrastructure is what underpins a good economy. The product shortages we saw in 2020 were a testament to the importance of good infrastructure because without it, distribution chains fall apart, not to mention what would happen if customers couldn't get to the stores. Failing infrastructure is a problem that has plagued Missouri for decades, but only in the last year or so has it even begun to become a topic of conversation. This is another budget that the House often underfunds. MODOT doesn't have the money it needs to repair and improve our roads, bridges, and other transportation projects. We need to have start having a conversation about what updates are needed and how we can go about funding them. What are your thoughts and ideas on this or other important issues? You can find contact information on my website:"

From Tim Shepard, MO candidate for US Senate

"Good trouble." We need a whole lot of good trouble in this new age we find ourselves. There are so many things to actively pursue "good trouble" for. Climate change poses a mass extinction level crisis. Here at home, wealth inequality and concentrating power into too few people's hands leave small farmers, small businesses, and workers alike with crumbs if we're lucky. And women's rights... need I say more? Fortunately, I have a history of getting into "good trouble," with tremendous results. I stopped seven LGBTQ discrimination bills in their tracks via workforce activism when I chaired the LGBTQ employee resource group at a $630Billion asset manager. Then again, I stood up to my employer's threats, including reducing my bonus and threatening my livelihood. Stripping me of being the co-chair of the employee resource group, all because I took a strong stand against for-profit prisons. I'm proud to say they got out of that business altogether. We need leaders with a demonstrated grit to win fights for the people. I'm pleased to be a Democratic candidate with a history of getting into Good Trouble that delivers results. Learn more about me at"


What Else is Going On in & around St. Charles County?

A Lot of Exciting Things!

Ongoing right now -

Indivisible We Will Persist St. Charles – Post Card Campaign


Thank You All for writing postcards to Vote No on the CA ReCall Election!

Indivisible We Will Persist is working with Indivisible Philidelphia to inform PA voters about the American Rescue Plan. Surveys show that voters across the country are unaware of what was provided to them through this bill nor that NO Republican voted for this bill. If voters do not see a reason to vote Democratic in the 2022 elections, then the US Congress could shift to GOP control.

100 pre-printed postcards will be mailed to your home. You will write 2 SHORT sentences and the voter's address on the postcard and stamp and mail. You have 2 months to complete and mail the postcards. That is only 15 a week.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Linda Scroggin, Co-Leader Indivisible We Will Persist, at

Now through Sep 17 - Afghan Refugee Supply Drive – 1-6 p.m.

6 S Old Orchard Ave, Webster Groves, MO

Hosted by Spence Toder for Senate

We're collecting supplies for Afghan Refugees resettling in St. Louis and across Missouri. Supplies will be delivered from this collection site to the International Institute of St. Louis. You can find a list of needed supplies, ways to donate money, and opportunities to volunteer at

Mon Sep 13 – Thu Sep 17 – Democracy Days at St. Charles Community College

Attend in-person in the SSB Auditorium, or see the presentations at

Free and open to the public.

Examining the history, health and functioning of democracy in America and abroad.

Since 2001, this annual forum has featured SCC students, faculty, staff and administrators as well as invited guests discoursing on democracy. The agenda reflects the intellectual energies and commitments of the people who step forward to participate. Presenters and panelists are asked to allow for ample time in every session for Q&A, discussion, dissent, etc., as this forum seeks to be democratic in practice.

If you’d like more information about Democracy Days, or you’d like to take part in SCC Democracy Days in the future, please contact Michael Kuelker (SCC English) at

See the flyer and schedule of events here:

Tue Sep 14 - Veto Session Fundraiser for MO House Dems 6-9 p.m.

The Millbottom, 400 West Main St., Jefferson City MO

Hosted by the Missouri House Democrats

If you are a follower and supporter of our Democratic Heros in the MO House, The Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee along with special guest Representative Butz & His Band: ZTUB will be hosting our annual Veto Session Fundraiser. Join us for a night of music, dancing, and fun ahead of Veto Session! Please see the RSVP here:

...and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at!

*NOTE: This will be an outdoor event, however masks are required while indoors!*

Tue Sep 14 - News from the Missouri ACLU: MOLEG, the courts, and more – 7 p.m.

Free online event – registration required to receive the link

Hosted by Chesterfield Township Democrats

Guest speaker Nicole Rainey is the director of development at the ACLU of Missouri, and uses she/her pronouns. Prior to the ACLU, she worked for St. Louis nonprofits College Bound and Catholic Charities. Nicole is also active in the St. Louis arts community. She co-founded the St. Louis Small Press Expo, a showcase of independently published literature, comic books, and art books. She is also active in Maplewood municipal politics and co-founded the group Maplewood Community Builders to address issues of discriminatory policing in her neighborhood. Register here:

Tue Sep 14 – Missouri Democratic Party Platform Committee Listening Session – 7 p.m.

Free online event

An opportunity to add your input into the MO Democratic Party Platform.

Thu Sep 16 – Indivisible We Will Persist Virtual get-together – 7-8 p.m.

In-Person event has been cancelled in favor of safe Covid-19 protocol, and switched to Zoom.

We want to have an opportunity to meet our members, update you on the “Good Trouble” in which we’ve been participating and tell you about upcoming events! Register here:

Fri Sep 17 – Finish the Job for the People Rally – 12 p.m.

Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse, 111 S 10th St, Front steps, St. Louis

Hosted by Indivisible Saint Louis

Our voting power is what allows us to fight for access to needed healthcare, jobs, fair wages, criminal justice reform, housing, and education for our children. We MUST End the Filibuster to ensure that critical bills are able to proceed. We MUST Pass The For the People Act (S1) to protect our freedom to vote, get big money out of politics, ensure fair districts, and help create a democracy that works for all of us. We MUST Pass the CARES Act to keep our families healthy and safe. We MUST Pass the PRO-act to protect our Unions and workers.

Join us as we gather masked and socially distanced outside in front of Senator Roy Blunt's office in downtown St. Louis. On this nationwide Day of Action we will DEMAND the Senate Finish the Job by passing the For the People Act, CARES Act and PRO Act quickly, and to demand that they let nothing, INCLUDING THE FILIBUSTER, prevent them from getting the job done. Enough is enough, join us in telling Congress to Finish The Job.

Fri Sep 17 4 p.m. – Sun Sep 19 5 p.m. - 26th Annual Mosaics Fine Art Festival

Main Street, St. Charles

Hosted by MOSAICS Fine Art Festival Association

A professional exhibition to show case the local and regional artists, while also stimulating and educating the community. The MOSAICS Fine Art Festival has an interesting diversity of artwork produced by a mix of emerging, mid-career and established artists in all media. The MOSAICS Fine Art Festival is unique in its approach to educating children and adults in how art can enhance their lives. To the community, our program offers cultural advantages and great places for families to live, learn, and play, free of charge. For more information, please visit our website at

Fri Sep 17 – Meggie’s Judge Jams – 7:30 – 10 p.m.

Broemmelsiek Park, 1795 MO-DD, Defiance MO

Hosted by Meggie Biesenthal for Judge

Meggie is running for Associate Judge in St. Charles County. #TeamMeggie will be at Broemmelsiek park for a fundraiser featuring live music by "Fresh Rain", complete with a taco & Margarita truck from Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. Bring the family, a friend, a chair, and your jammin' shoes! Bronze Jammer $25 per adult, Silver jammer $50, or Diamond jammer $100, mini jammers 5 and up are $10 per child. For tickets:

Sun Sep 19 - St. Charles County public education listening session – 3-5 p.m.

Location: Arrowhead Business Supply, 4890 North Service Road, St. Peters

Host by Missouri Prosper Missouri Prosper is an anti-equity education, pro-privatization group of parents. The speakers on this ultra-conservative panel are not representing pro-public education ideas. These events are part of a nation-wide disinformation campaign by the Republican party to attack public education and to build support of pro-privatization legislation. It is a long game to gain control over what our students are allowed to learn. If you are a supporter of public education, attend this “listening session” and share your concerns.

Sat Sep 25 – League of Women Voters – Metro St. Louis Kick-Off – 10 a.m.

Stacy Park Pavilion, 9750 Old Bonhomme Rd. just south of Olive, Olivette

10 A.M., Registration/Gathering

10:30 A.M., Program, Short Business Meeting, followed by picnic lunch from Miss Piggies’ Smokehouse,

a minority-owned family business. Because of the League’s longstanding support for public education, the newly-adopted study of public education finance, masking and critical race theory controversies, and member interest in the pandemic’s impact on schools, we present KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Dr. Margie Vandeven, Commissioner of Education, State of Missouri.

Register here by Sep 15 to reserve your spot:

Thu Oct 21 – Candidate Forum – 7-8:30 p.m.

Hosted by Indivisible We Will Persist

Even though the primary will not be held until August of 2022, this forum will be an opportunity to learn about and meet some of the early-declaring Democratic Candidates for U.S. Senate. This event will be held via Zoom. Register here for the zoom meeting:

Sun Oct 24 – Golf Tournament – noon-9 p.m.

Saint Peters Golf Course, 200 Salt Lick Road, St. Peters, MO

Hosted by Meggie Biesenthal for Judge

Gather your family and colleagues and join #teammeggie for a fundraiser golf tournament. Shotgun tee time 12noon, reserve your spot by sending your RSVP. Ticket price is $125 per player, hole sponsor is $100.


Are you a digital artist, or someone handy with digital graphics?

Would you like to donate some Democratic themed work for display on the St. Charles County Democrats newly redesigned website? If so, please send your contact information to, with the subject line “Graphic Art.”


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