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Public Transportation

Even without a car, you should be able to get around the county. Here are a few ways Public Transportation could help you, and how we can create a public transportation system:

Even if you don't have a car, you still should be able to enjoy everything our county has to offer, including necessities like healthcare and groceries.

  • Get to work: You should be able to get a job anywhere in our county, even if you do not own your own vehicle. A public, county-wide transportation system would allow you to be able to get to your job from one end of St. Charles County to the other.

  • Go shopping: Being able to get food from the store back to your home shouldn't be dependent on if you own a car or not. Getting to the grocery store and home is a basic necessity, which a public transportation system will ensure. Our county also has many amazing small business, stores, and shops! With a reliable public transportation system you can take advantage of everything in our amazing county.

  • Get to doctors: Our county has many amazing doctors from one end to the other. Every person, regardless of owning a vehicle, should be able to get to their doctor. A public transportation system ensures you can reliably, safely, get to your doctor without worrying about how you will get there.

  • Visit family and friends: Visiting loved ones, hanging out with friends, and getting together with groups is nearly impossible if you don't have a way to get there. Our county has many amazing places to get together, shop, eat, and more. A public transportation system will let you, your family, and your friends get together anywhere in our county.

  • Go anywhere: Visit friends and family, get to a doctor's appointment, or go anywhere else you need in the county, without a car and without worry! We live in an amazing, large, and growing county with countless possibilities. You deserve to be able to enjoy your life in St. Charles County even without owning a vehicle!

We Support:

  • A publicly funded transportation system, from one end of our county to the other.

  • An environmentally friendly system, that reduced carbon emissions from personal vehicles and sustainably moves our county residents.

  • Connections from neighborhoods to highways, highways to cities, and beyond within our county.

Together We Can:

  • Call upon our county officials to begin designing and implement this system

  • Call upon our city and local officials to support and prepare to fund this system

  • Create and attend town hall sessions to get public support for this project, answer questions, and help design our system, for our county

  • Elect officials who support a public transportation system

  • Share the importance of a public transportation system with other


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