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Protecting Our Environment

We must work to protect our environment in our county, state, country, and beyond. Our environment is our greatest resource—and the source of our planet's beauty. We must ensure our environment is well taken care of, for us and for the future.

To protect our environment and ensure Earth's beauty, we must work to ensure:

Clean Air - Clean air is a right, for health and safety of all. We must work to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and not harmful to us, animals, plants, or to the people of the future. Clean air isn't just looks, it includes the elimination of harmful chemicals and gasses. We must support the EPA and the Clean Air Act, as well as create new environmental protections.

No Dumping - We must ban and enforce no illegal dumping, including regular garbage, harmful waste, radioactive material, etc. Dumping harms the environment by destroying soil life, polluting water sources, and killing plants and animals—and humans too. We can not allow illegal dumping to occur and destroy the soil of our farms, the water we drink, and the planet we live on.

Alternative Energy - Coal, Oil, Gas, and other non-renewable energy systems have been used for years with documented negative impacts on human health and the environment. Alternative energy exists and continue to improve in efficiency every year. Programs such as solar paneled roadways, tax incentives, implementing local clean energy drives, and more can ensure the future of our planet.

And more - Of course these ideas are just the beginning. Our environment needs legal protection at the local, state, national, and international levels to ensure our farms are protected, our water supply is clean, our air is breathable, and our planet continues for generations to come. We can do lots at the county and state level.

Together we can:

  1. Elect officials who will ensure environmental protection is passed

  2. Strengthen environmental standards on the local, state, and national level

  3. Do our part by reporting illegal dumping, minimizing carbon footprint, and more

  4. Hold big corporations accountable and limit air pollution and environmental damage

  5. And so much more...

We have to work together to protect our environment. Join us by volunteering, signing up for our emails, or donating today.


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