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Newsletter: 5/8/2022

St. Charles County Democrats,

This past week has been very intense for those who believe in individual liberty and the right to choice. We know and understand emotions are high, and we want to reiterate our never ending support of the right to autonomy for all people—the government has no business dictating personal health decisions.

We understand words are cheap, but we are proud to stand behind a slate of candidates working to protect access to healthcare in Missouri, and we are proud of our efforts to oppose those who wish to attack our freedoms. The fight to protect personal autonomy begins here, and we are ready to fight all the way to November, and beyond. The Missouri Democratic Party is supporting the Missouri Abortion Fund, to support those who are in need of financial assistance in seeking abortion procedures. More from us soon on our efforts to uphold personal choice in our county, state, and country.

There are several exciting events, opportunities for activism, and interesting news below! Thank you for being activists for change in our county, we are excited to build a better future in 2022, together. If you ever have any questions, want to get involved, or need assistance, be sure to reach out. Thank you, The St. Charles County Democrats


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