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Laura Castañeda

We are so incredibly proud to highlight Laura Castañeda for our next Committee-person Spotlight! Laura has been involved in making our county, state, and county a better place for years—both within the Central Committee and with other groups. We are excited to share Laura's story, a proud Democrat, full-time working mother, and active member of the community. Read on below:

"I grew up in Wentzville and went to college at a top liberal arts college. We were married after I graduated and soon moved back to St Charles County to live and start our family. I have been working for the same Fortune 500 company for the past 20+ years.

As a full-time working mom, I earned my Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice from UMSL. I now have four kids--a toddler, an elementary schooler, a senior in high school, and a college student/military reservist. They push me to be more committed than ever to working for a better tomorrow.

My husband and I have both served on the Central Committee for about ten years. I also have nearly 20 years of experience as an election judge, have been very active in Scouting for 10+ years, and have many years of service with several local PTOs. " - Laura Castañeda

Join Laura and many others as we work for a better tomorrow for St. Charles County and beyond. Take action as a volunteer, make a donation, or join us at an event!


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