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Job Growth

Mission Monday: Job Growth, our beliefs, and what we can do together. Increasing high-paying, quality jobs for Missourians is extremely important to the success of our state and county. Read below for more:

To do so, we believe in:

Hiring Missourians - When using public grants or funds, businesses must be required to hire Missourians first.

Full Employment - We support creating programs and opportunities to ensure employers and workers have full employment opportunities.

Bringing Businesses - We support offering incentives and promoting Missouri as a home of new and established businesses for job growth.

Together, we can:

  • Pass legislation requiring businesses using public funds to prioritize hiring Missourians

  • Create job skill trainings for prospective workers

  • Create programs to encourage full employment

  • Pass legislation to incentivize businesses to come to Missouri

  • Invest in Missourians through education and trainings.

We must work together to make this possible, join us today in taking action, making an impact, and building a better future! Sign up to volunteer here.


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