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Gregory Upchurch (HD104)

Find Greg on the web: website | facebook | email

​​About Gregory:

"Healthcare is our greatest threat to the safety of all Missouri residents. Medicaid expansion is essential! Everyone should be fully covered and free. Campaign finance reform could have paid for it all. I hold a M.P.A. degree and believe early education is essential, governmental transparency is a must and happiness attainable. I have taught as college faculty, K-12 and English internationally.

Labor builds this country, while transportation provides for workers and goods to get to market. Affordable housing shortages means families go without. I have housing executive board experience for MSU and MO ETA. I would like to explore building code legislation, subsidies, and tax breaks for those who build handicap into new construction and cater to housing issues for our elderly.

I am a business owner and have done a great deal of national and international travel. I believe people should have choices in life! I would like to increase voter access and have election day as a national holiday! Voting is one of the only rights expressly granted to us as Americans and we should use it.

Closing motto: If we do not take care of the environment, eventually the environment will take care of us. #missouriisforeveryone"

Find Greg on the web: website | facebook | email


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