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Ron Odenthal (HD106)

Find Ron on the web: website | facebook | twitter | email

​About Ron:

"I am a firm believer in making the American Dream available to all Missourians by rebuilding our infrastructure, by creating an efficient and effective government, and by emboldening every Missourian to get involved in our community.

Despite growing up in a lower socioeconomic status, I had access to food, shelter, medicine, education, and opportunity. I was the first in my family to graduate both high school and college. I know the value of hard work and the value of a government that helps hard working people achieve their dreams. I am running to ensure that we return to a government that serves its people and to ensure those same opportunities that helped me succeed are available for future generations. A government that works for all of its citizens. United we can make Missouri work for us."

Find Ron on the web: website | facebook | twitter | email


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