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Public Education

Public education is one of the cornerstones of our county, with it comes the promise of infinite possibilities and the American Dream.

In order to continue the greatness of our schools, we support and defend:

Local Control - Our public schools are built upon local control, where parents, teachers, administrators, and elected officials work together to create the best possible schools. Our Attorney General is attacking our public schools in the courts, trying to control them from afar in Jefferson City. We can't let this happen.

Proper Funding - Our schools can't function without proper funding, which means we can not take taxes and funding away from our schools. School choice programs are designed to take away the funding of our schools, meaning they will be unable to provide quality education. In the end, school choice programs will destroy public education and force families to pay for private schooling, which is expensive and has no control by the people.

No Book Censorship - Just because a book challenges our ideas, brings up an important message, or is emotionally intense it should not be banned from our schools. All across our county there are those that are trying to ban books that create important conversations about race, LGBTQ+ issues, gender, identity, etc. by framing them as dangerous or immoral. This is simply not true, no book with literary or social value should be banned from a library.

We can support our schools, together:

  • We can elect strong school board members

  • We can work to repel book bans

  • We can educate our neighbors

  • We can elect a new Attorney General who respects the law

  • We can elect officials and pass laws to fully fund our schools.

We have to work together. Join us by volunteering, signing up for our emails, or check out our events today.


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