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Protecting Voting Rights and Equal Access

On today’s Mission Monday, we discuss Voting Access and Equality.

We believe in:

  • One Person, One Vote: Regardless of Race, Religion, Income, Disability Status, English Proficiency, Sexual Orientation, or Gender

  • Election Day Should Be A National Holiday: In celebration of our democracy and to ensure all have easy access to cast their ballots

  • In Election Security: Every voter should know that their vote and all others are counted fairly.

  • In Equitable Voting Access: Every citizen should be able to cast their ballot in an easy and secure way.

Together We Can:

  • Protect Access to Mail-In Voting

  • Ensure Polling Places Are Fully Accessible

  • Invest in Voting Infrastructure

  • Challenge Restricting State Laws

  • Work Against Gerrymandering

  • Make Election Day A National Holiday

Get involved today to make this a reality!


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