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Improving and maintaining Missouri's infrastructure is key-component of our mission as a party. Expanding broadband access, bringing high speed rail to Missouri, and investing in updates to the energy grid are common-sense ideas we need as a state. Read on to learn more about each policy, and how you can help make it a reality:

We believe in:

Expanding Broadband Access:

Missouri is a growing state, with growing needs in both rural and metropolitan parts of the state. We can not leave any part of our state behind, technologically speaking, if we wish to succeed together. Expanding broadband access will bring high-speed internet to nearly 200,000 places in Missouri by 2030 (according to the Missouri Department of Economic Development).

In 2021, nearly 400,000 Missourians were without reliable, high-speed internet. Additionally, hundreds of businesses, farms, and even several school districts were without internet that could adequately support their needs. In 2022, fast and dependable internet is a necessity, which we plan to ensure every Missourian has access to.

High Speed Rail System:

Missouri is a large and diverse state, with numerous attractions, jobs, and reasons to travel the state. Right now, Missouri has no cohesive high-speed rail system, meaning what could be a 30 minute trip by hyper-train is actually a 3 hour and 45 minute drive (data presented by Virgin Hyper Loop).

Beyond reducing travel time, costs to travelers, reductions in gasoline consumption, and costs to the state for road maintenance, a high speed rail system would drastically reduce accidents on highways. Hundreds of lives and $91,000,000 could be saved in our state with the implementation of such a system. The proposal is effective, it is environmentally friendly, and brings greater efficiency to Missouri. What could you do if you could travel across the state in half an hour?

Update the Electric Grid:

Did you know that Missouri uses the most coal per state, other than Texas? In fact, coal power plants produced 70% of Missouri's electricity in 2020 and we consumed 8x more electricity that we produce. (This data is courtesy of the the US Energy Information Administration).

Thousands of Missourians are without power on any given day, partly due to a very old electric grid–in some places nearly 100 years old! We need to update our electric grid to provide electricity reliably to Missourians, a necessity especially in a state with wildly changing weather. Additionally, we need to invest in renewable energy sources to modernize Missouri and prepare our state for the future.

What we can do:

  • We can call upon elected officials to pass legislation and appropriate money for these important projects.

  • We can elect leaders who will take action to update and maintain our infrastructure.

  • We can work together to make our state a better place for generations to come!

We have to work together to get this done. Join us by volunteering, signing up for our emails, or donating today.


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