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Filing to Open Before Maps are Ready

Filing for office in Missouri set to open before maps are finalized, as a small subset of hardline conservatives delay the maps in the Senate. Filing is set to open on February 22nd, less than a week away.

House Bill 2117, which approved the status quo maps, is held up in the Senate by one vote. If this stalemate continues, any Missourian can file a petition in Federal court to have a 3-judge panel redraw the maps instead of the Missouri Legislature.

Missouri Senate Districts are also not finalized, as they are waiting on Appellate Redistricting Commission, which is made up on 6 State Appellate Judges. The new districts for the 163 Missouri House of Representative seats are finalized.

Due to the actions of a small group in our State Senate, notably Senators Bob Onder and Bill Eigel of the St. Charles County area, the maps are delayed causing issues in our state government and filing process. Enough is enough, we need to elect officials who look out for Missourians, not themselves.

We have to work together. Join us by volunteering, signing up for our emails, or donating today.


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