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Mission Monday: Public Education

On today’s Mission Monday, Public Education. We discuss Funding, Local Control, and Opportunity Equality!

Public Schools are integral to the success of our nation. In order to continue supporting our schools, we support the following.

We Support:

Funding Public Schools: We support fully funding public schools and opposing the creation of charter and voucher schools. Public schools are one of the founding blocks of our great country, because every person deserves a quality education regardless of what is in their wallet.

Local Control: We support the rights of communities to elect school boards. We support the rights of school boards to regulate school districts. Our Attorney General is not elected to control our school districts, nor should our schools ever be worried about being sued for doing their job.

Opportunity Equality: We support equality of opportunity, ensuring all students have the same opportunities for the future. We support equal access to resources, technology, updated textbooks, and all other tools for success.

Together We Can Make a Difference By:

  • Pass legislation bringing all school districts to 5-day weeks with funding

  • Ensure all public schools have modern tools and materials

  • Fund, Support, and Create extra-curricular and area specific programs

  • Ensure schools meet state standards

  • Protect the rights of school boards and local control

  • Ensure all students have opportunities and training to enter the workforce and further education

Together, we can build a better future! Join us by volunteering, checking out our events, or find other ways to get involved today!


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