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In The News: $5 for the Fight Comedy Night

$5 for the Fight Comedy Night is in the Labor Tribune! We are very proud to have been a part of this amazing event, and we are so happy to have raised $5,000 dollars for the Fight Fund!

The Fight Fund is a fund for union members and families in times of emergency need. When union members face unexpected injuries, lose their job, or other emergencies, this fund assists in life-necessary payments including hospital payments, mortgages, and other necessary expenses and more.

"One hundred percent of every donation goes to the Fight fund, and 100 percent of the money in the fund goes to help working families in need.

Union members who turn to the fund do not receive the funds directly. Instead, following confirmation of union membership and an evaluation interview with a Labor liaison at the United Way, the Fund contacts creditors, landlords, mortgage lenders, hospitals, etc. and makes payments directly to those creditors on the union members’ behalf.

Efforts to promote and service the Fund are donated by the Labor Council, United Way and the Labor Tribune." - The Labor Tribune

For more information, or to donate to the cause, you can visit the Labor Tribune page here:


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